Key Features:      

  • Compliant to revised emission norms

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Prime rating and Stand-by rating: 

‘Prime power’ is designed for Unlimited hours, as compared to 'Emergency stand-by' designed for 200 hours in a year. Prime rated Gensets also permit 10% temporary overloading. Users needto carefully select the Genset rating to meet their requirement. KOEL offers Prime power as a standard offer. Contact KOEL for stand-by ratings.

 Engine capacity does matter:

Engine capacity (cc) plays a vital role in Genset performance. Higher engine capacity leads to a robust and stable Genset performance. Higher engine capacity also enables the Genset to respond quickly & positively to sudden load additions.

Best-in-class Fuel Efficiency: 

KOEL Chhota Chilli Gensets offer a unique combina??on of CPCB norm compliance and enhanced fuel efficiency. Across the range, KOEL Chhota Chilli Gensets offer substan??al savings in fuel cost.

 O2E Series (Optimal Operating Efficiency):

Genset ratings are selected based on the present load and future expansion. Fuel efficiency of most Gensets is optimized at the full rating of the Genset.In practice, Gensets rarely get loaded to full capacity. Power demand variations across day & night, weekdays & weekends. Summer & winter lead to an average 50-70% loading on gensets.
Considering this practical situation, KOEL has extended fuel efficiency optimization from 100%, right up to 50% of rated load. Combination of best-in-class fuel efficiency & O2E provides a double advantage- truly a Watis of Smiles!

Best-in-class Fuel Efficiency: Genset Controls at your finger-tips

There is no comfort like being in command. KOEL Chhota Chilli Gensets put the command in your hands. Microprocessor based Genset controllers display a host of Genset parameters and put all controls at your fingertips.


Phase Voltages, Phase Currents, KVA , KW , KWH , KVAr , Power Factor Lube oil Pressure , Engine Temperature , RPM , Run Hours , Number of starts , Fuel Level Ba??ery charge condition.

Optional features

Common Alarm, Hooter output, Over Crank, AMF feature with ATS


Batiery charging failure , Over /Under speed , Over Current , Over/ Under Voltage , Phase Sequencing , Phase missing Low Lube oil Pressure , High Engine Temperature, Low/High batiery voltage, Low Fuel Level, Over Crank protection.
Being in control of your Genset certainly gives you..Watis of Smiles!

Peace-of-mind Ownership:
KOEL Chhota Chilli have always been preferred for their robust design and reliability over long usage life.KOEL Chhota Chilli range carries the confidence of well-established and proven engine pla??orms. For compliance to revised CPCB norms, KOEL has carefully selected
those technologies which not only retain, but enhance Gensets durability and on-site serviceability.
Thus, KOEL Chhota Chilli Gensets offer you many years of trouble-free performance; backed by the assurance of prompt support. Peace-of-mind driven by product reliability and low cost of ownership – your Watis of Smiles!