KCC – 15 KVA TO 20 KVA

 Key Features: 

  • KCC RANGE 2.1 to 20 kVA

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Dependable, Reliable & Robust :

KOEL Chotta Chilli Gensets are powered by high-efficiency diesel engines, which deliver dependable power for any of your requirements. The wide spectrum of applications range from standalone residential buildings to retail outlets; petrol pumps to small offices; hotels to
clinics. You name it and KOEL Chhota Chilli has a reliable power solution.


Best in Class Fuel Efficiency

KOEL Chotaa Chilli Gensets offer you a unique combination of pollution norm compliance and enhanced fuel efficiency by deploying O2E technology.Inspite of load variations (day & night; weekdays & weekends; summer &winter), you are assured of unmatched fuel economy and lower operating costs.

Genset Controls at your fingertips

KOEL Chotaa Chilli Gensets put the command in your hands through microprocessor powered Genset controllers. These feature packed controllers offer best-in- class onitoring and diagnostic facilities. In-built AMF capability ensures automatic power transfer from grid to Genset and vice versa. You can even connect the Genset with your desktop through RS485 port.




Peace-of-mind Ownership  KOEL Chotta Chilli Gensets reach you through a well-trained network of authorized dealers and are supported by over 5000 skilled engineers across India. Quality of service and response time is centrally monitored by KOEL. Just dial the toll free number and have peace of mind with authorized representatives promptly available at your doorsteps.


Prime rating and Stand-by rating ‘Prime power’ is designed for Unlimited hours, as compared to 'Emergency stand-by' designed for 200 hours in a year. Prime rated Gensets also permit 10% temporary overloading. Users need to carefully select the Genset rating to meet their requirement. KOEL offers Prime power as a standard offer. Contact KOEL for stand-by ratings.




Engine capacity does matter  Engine capacity (cc) plays a vital role in Genset performance. Higher engine capacity leads to a robust and stable Genset performance. Higher engine capacity also enables the Genset to respond quickly & positively to sudden load additions.