AMF Panel

We are well-known manufacturers of Automatic Mains Failure Panel including Protection for DG sets. It uses an advance technology to make an easy and trouble-free Genset control.

Basic Operation Cycle

When there is mains supply, the AMF Panel will keep the load on mains, once the mains supply fails, the AMF Panel senses this and starts the Genset. Once the Genset is found running, the load is transferred to Genset supply. When mains resume, the load is transferred back to mains supply and Genset is stopped.

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  • Our AMF panel is designed very simple that anyone can operate
  • Programming the panel is easy to understand, this does not need a technically expert person.
Auto Mains Failure Panels ( AMF Panels )

Auto mains failure (AMF) Panels is meant for controlling DG START / STOP sequence in accordance to the availability of utility power supply. We design & manufacture the AMF panels for various capacity & different make of Diesel EA set.

  • AMF control system provides
  • Consistant power supply to the load in absence of main supply.
  • DG set protections
  • Smooth Start / Stop Sequence.
  • Audio visual indications of various fault conditions.
  • Protects the load from voltage fluctuations.
  • Auto / Manual modes of operation.
  • Mains failure and voltage fluctuations detection.
  • User friendly.
  • User friendly.
  • GUI interface with TCP/ IP over GSM/GPRS (Optional)