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METERS & CONTROL SYSTEMS: True Microprocessor Based Digital Meter with high accuracy to monitor input and output voltage.       

BUCK & BOOST TRANSFORMER: The buck & boost transformer is constructed from low loss, cold rolled, grain oriented, annealed laminations of electrical sheet steel conforming to the latest international standards. Special frame is built in-house for clamping the core to reduce the magnetic noise as well as making the whole structure rigid and robust. We have not received complaint of transformer being short since last 8 years.

WINDINGS: Coils are wound with paper covered electrolytic grade copper strip or synthetic enamelled copper conductors. Cooling ducts are provided to keep the hot spot temperature as low as possible. Coils are dried in electric ovens. Rigid connection support and coil clamping is provided to ensure high short circuit strength.

TANK AND PAINT :The tank of Servo Voltage Stabilizer is made of M.S. steel sheets with adequate bracing & stiffness. All the external surfaces are given a primary coat of epoxy and finishing coat of epoxy paint for better life and leak proof. All our tanks are power coated for shelf life of 20 – 25 years.

OIL: Oil tested for resistivity, dielectric and acidic characteristic conforming to IS 335, transformer oil is an important part of Servo Voltage Stabilizer which provides cooling to the critical components housed inside the tank, so we always make sure that the quality of the transformer oil is far better.

IMPROVED EFFICIENCY: The efficiency of HCS stabilizer is more than 99% in comparison to 93-97% of conventional type Servo Stabilizers available in the market. 100 KVA conventional type servo voltage stabilizers will consume additional power itself minimum Rs. 16,000 p.a. even when running at 60% load and 20 hours a day on account of its lower efficiency by 2%.

DUTY CYCLE: Conventional type stabilizers are suitable for 50-60% load on continuous duty cycle.  servo voltage stabilizers are heavy duty and industries friendly and are suitable for 99% load continuous duty cycle.

PAYBACK PERIOD : Designed with microprocessor technology, high efficiency and associated benefits, the payback period for the cost of  Servo Voltage Stabilizer is from 1-2 years depending upon the input voltage variation and number of working hours at the site. The HIGHER the input voltage the SHORTER will be the payback period from day one  servo voltage stabilizer is a saving machine for all its users.

IMPROVED LIFE: The life of make servo voltage stabilizer is more than 20 years at full load in comparison to 4-5 years of conventional make servo voltage stabilizers.

AFTER SALES SERVICE: The Service Engineers also visit monthly in their respective areas for routine check-ups. Also, servo controlled voltage stabilizers are categorized under energy saving device. The servo controlled voltage stabilizers should be such that its own consumption is minimum otherwise the basic concept of energy conservation will be lost. Therefore while deciding for a stabilizer it becomes necessary to invest the capital over a period of time to ensure that its running cost is minimum and payback period is fast. From the above facts, you will find that our automatic voltage stabilizers will cost much lesser in long run to conventional type stabilizers.